Sight & Sound: Milton Friedman

Professor Cheung has discussed and referenced Milton Friedman many times and I first got exposed to Milton’s work through Steven. Here are some sights and sounds from Milton.

Here is Milton in his famous and popular Free to Choose TV series (1980 & 1990). Call me old school, I love the original 1980 series (10 hours in total) much much more because it was less “produced” and more spontaneous/heated in the debate, plus there were a total of 10 episodes in 1980 and only 5 in 1990. Hong Kong got an honourable mention in episode 1 where Milton was in Hong Kong to shoot the series.


P.S. You will see Arnie introducing the 1990 series. (smile)

P.P.S. It has not escaped my attention that this series is available online for free for all to watch. A good example of “Free Lunch”? (smile)


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