Father and Son – 想像力的培养 – On Creativity

I am very touched by Professor’s lovely and touching post “想像力的培养“.

To me the post is about,

  • the love between a father and son,
  • his journey in finding creativity,
  • and ultimately an attempt to impart his views on creativity to his son and the sons and daughters of China.

While it is probably presumptuous for me to share my views on creativity, I am blessed with the firm belief that my lack of knowledge on something should not be a reason to stop me from writing about it. I know I am an idiot sometimes and I am proud of it. (big smile)

Anyways, I love to read a lot. And a lot of useless stuff. Magazines, books, biographies, and fictions. I started a love affair with libraries because of the free books & magazines (yes, Seventeen was one of my fav) I could browse and borrow plus the wonderful air conditioning in a hot Hong Kong! I also picked up some of my English speaking and listening skills from watching a few fun but completely pointless and silly TV shows. And, I seem to not mind making a fool out of myself which has helped me a lot in learning English when I first came to Canada for my last year of high school.

Keeping this post to a reasonable length, I want to mention just one more story.

In 2001, I discovered prof. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi‘s (a former head of U of Chicago Department of Psychology) wonderful book “Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention” by random “chance”. (ah, one of the benefit of reading loads of random stuff.) And I also had a great time listening to his audio-book “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience” read by Csikszentmihalyi himself. A few things that prof. Cheung wrote about him experiencing reminded me of what the state of “Flow” is all about,

Finally, allow me to end this post with the music video of the song “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens. I picked up this song from Kevin Roberts‘ whose ideas (through his articles, interviews, books, etc) I’ve tried to learn from for over 10 years now. (Kevin is the CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi.)

P.S. I think prof. Cheung may have been too harsh on himself re the way he had taught his son. For me, I will ask if Ronald is happy himself. He has to walk his own path and be his own man. I am sure Ronald is creative in his own way that prof. Chueng is not aware of.

P.P.S. While I said random “chance”, I also believe chances favoured the prepared minds. When you have worked hard and are prepared, sometime “lucky” things seem to happen. 🙂 Well, thats what I hope and use as an excuse to pile on learning about “useless” stuff and reading about “useless” things. This is a gamble. But what else in life isn’t? (big smile)


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